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Rubicon clean up


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Vancouver, WA
Weekend of October 19-20. If you've run, plan to run or want to keep our sport open, attend this event.

Huge raffle, chance to do some 'wheeling and lets the Forest Service know we care about what's going on.

For more info check out:

www.delalbright.com/rubicon2.htm (Friends Of The Rubicon)

Yup, we'll be going in from the Tahoe side, with the trailer! :shock:

I assume that if you cannot do both days one would still be of benefit right? I will be there to support though, I have company coming that weekend but may be I can get them to come also. Just a thought.
The cleanup has historically been on Saturday with the Raffle at Spider/Lil Sluice late afternoon/early evening. Would be cool to camp at springs on Friday night then work the trail in from there driving rigs and walking/picking up trash.

I'm pretty sure I'll be there, hopefully with a few extra hands to help. What better way to spend my birthday than wheelin and pickin up trash. :)
I'd be willing to help if I could catch a ride with someone on the trail. I am well aware of the limitations of my rig in its current condition, so I would rather not thrash it at this point. I'm more than willing to help keep the trail open though.

Alright, It's less than three weeks away! Step up guys, who's gonna help out?


Edit: it's three weeks away not two!
Dang right Jes. I was just noticing that the last post was in the beginning of September. Where is the support for the sport from our a club? I am sure this wiil be a topic Thursday. See ya all there.


I'm still in. I'm heading up Thursday night from the south bay. Going to stay in Folsom Thursday night and head up to the con Friday morning.
Meeting spot

SactoXJ I'd take you but I'm full. Plus I took out my back seat. I do have a rack...... :)

Who,when, where is everybody going to be. If there are still people going up. I'll be up there Friday morning. Maybe drive in a ways and camp just off the slab. Come back out to signup Saturday morning.