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Roof Rack Update and a ?


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Ok, what are you guys using for the rails around the rack? I was thinking something like .25 square or round. Any thoughts or suggestions? I plan on running some spars up the middle to reinforce the cross beams and then cover it with expanded metal. Any comments?


Ok, I got some 3/8 round for the rails around the rack. Anyone have any thoughts on how it would look with square corners rather than rounded one? Going to get some expanded this week I hope for the floor, and a plate for the spare tire mount.
I think light wall tubing would have been a better choice, but the solid will be easier for you to bend in the garage. Just heat where you want to bend & crank it around. With the material you've used I see little need to run any bars down the center. The rack as is well be pretty heavy. The more you add to it the heavier it becomes.

Did you get the rails to conform to the XJ roof? If so how did you end up doing it?

Yea I got them perty close actually. And the bolts and NutZerts pull it down tight. I put it under the Jeep first but that did not work. I suported it on one end with 2 2x6 pieces of wood and the other with one 2x6 piece. I put my 01 F150 on it in the center. Jacked it up with the floor jack and put the rails under the tires suported on each end with the wood. Then I drove up and down it a couple times. Bent them very uniform and both almost exactly alike. I would have done it differently though. I would have put a piece of 1x4 under the center. It had a little too much curve but they are mounting nicely to the roof. When I get the expanded one and the rails I'll mount it and post some pictures. It is not too bad right now. The 1" cross bars is not 3/16 but 1/8th. The main ralils are 1.5" 3/16. I would love to build one out of a light material that has this one strength. Like Cromoly or something like that. $$$$$$$$ and Dreams I got lots of one and none of the other!