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Renix full gauge cluster (87-90)


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Edinburg Texas
Let me know if you have one---------------Kyle
With my stroker build I got a full cluster and have reset this one to 000000 miles and put white gauge faces on it. When I get a chance to get home and get the damn thing running I'll put this new one in. I can then get you my current one. I can set it for whatever mileage you like.

How does $30 plus shipping sound?

EDIT: Both are full clusters with no dummy lights and the speedo has 45mpg pointing at noon, and they go to 85 mph. currently reads around 250k.
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What timeframe are we looking at? Can you get a shipping quote for 78539 Edinburg, Texas?--------Kyle

P.S.-I have a line on a few others but I need two anyways....one for my new mj and one for my brothers xj