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Renix, 4 hole injectiors & CA Smog Test.


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This could go in modtech, yes I understand. However it's a local question at its core.

I need to replace an injector on my 87 MJ; had to pull the fuel rail today in one of them is cracked at the plastic and inside.
I'm looking at installing a set of Bosch 0280155746. Does anybody have any experience with getting their rig smogged with upgraded injectors? I imagine the treadmill/tailpipe test will be the same or better than with the OEM injectors. On the other hand these are yellow and might stand out because of problem with the visual inspection.
Remember, this is an 87 so it's a test only star test center.
Anybody with any experience with this? Much appreciated.

ETA: I suppose I could wrap the injectors, fuel rail and fuel line with heat shield like I have on the 01 XJ.
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Can you paint them to make them look more like OEM?

Logically, one would think injectors that improve efficiency and emissions would be a no-brainer. Given that, Kali probably objects to them and that puts you at the mercy of the inspector.

Yellow is probably going to stand out, so I would do what I could to conceal the change.
Agree, paint them black. Yellow will stick out like a sore thumb and passing visual will be a crap shoot depending how much of a stickler the tester is or what mood he happens to be in.
Looking around at stock replacement units they're all painted black. There is one off brand that has bare metal but that's it, but the plastic plug is still black.. So I figure semi-gloss or matte black paint, and then a light random misting of some flat black over the top and they should look like they've been there all along.
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A. I bet no smog tech would notice.
B. I ran bigger injectors on my 98, 99 and always passed. Unfortunately, I don't know what injectors are on the 4.6 renix mj, but it always passed as well.
It's the bright brand new yellow sticking out like a sore thumb that concerns me. I'll just spray paint them, cheaper than a retest. I've already ordered them and they ought to be here Tuesday or Wednesday.

On the other hand you can't even see the injectors on the XJ because they're wrapped with that adhesive backed heat shield. But so is the fuel rail fuel line all the way down to the frame. I have new four holes for the XJ but I've never got around to opening the box to see what color they are. They'll get wrapped again anyway.