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Red flip/ toggle switch?

Incredible Hulk

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I am trying to locate those red toggle switches you see on fighter planes etc that you flip to fire missiles? I would like to locate one and put it over one of Brett's new switches for the AW4. I have checked fleet farm and they didnt have htem, anyone have ideas where I could find one? I have seen them on ebay, but they are cheap ones. Any leads appreciated.
Do a search on "google" for like safety cover toggle switch. there all over out there. i know you can get them at most big-rig truck parts stores. thats where i see them. And a place out west here called "the light house"
Try Wicks Aircraft or Aircraft Spruce and Supply - they both (I think) have the covers for about $10 each, and that's not bad from what I've seen...

Wicks - www.wicksaircraft.com
AS&S - www.aircraftspruce.com

Both are outfits that cater to homebuilders and experimentals, and the catalogues are free.

I also saw recently an outfit called Illuminated Performance, that does the covers in clear colours as well, and with lighted toggles. Prices didn't seem too out of line, but this silicon geriatric didn't seem to like their site (or maybe Mozilla didn't like it? Just thought of that...) Try www.illuminatedperformance.com, I think.


Oops - it's www.ignitedperformance.com - I decided to check it in IE, and that's what it came up to be...

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Kragen has them too.