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Rebuild Full size Ford Front Clodes Knuckle D44


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Beefy Rebuilt Closed Knuckle Ford Full Width D44
I have a closed knuckle Dana 44 that is completely rebuilt from the inside out. It still has the stock 3.50 gears. The axle tubing is .5 inch thick and it is beefy as hell all the way around. The brake pads and springs are brand new. The drums are painted red and the entire axle has been cleaned, blasted and painted down with POR-15 protectant. It has new wheel bearings and knuckle bearings that are heavily greased. All seals are new too. I dropped about $300.00 into restoring it. I run 39.5 Irok’s on the exact same axle under my jeep with it locked and geared with 5.38’s and have yet to snap a shaft. I ran the hammers, Moab twice, and Tellico a couple of times along with many trails here in Colorado and yet have had a broken shaft. I twisted my front drive shaft before anything busted internally in the axle. It is a brute axle and you guys that know your stuff know the reputation of the closed knuckled axles. I am asking $600 for it and will take the best offer, and will deliver within 100 miles of Colorado Springs, otherwise you can come pick it up. I can send picks of the axle to any email address. You can contact me preferably on my cell at 719-651-4019 or at my house at 719-488-1777, or in the shop at 719-488-1888
Come on fellas I want to get rid of this