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Rear Shock Mount Trimming


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Ok all, I have the RE 4.5" lift w/OME LT shocks, I am considering cutting down the rear shock axle mounts and either flushing them with the axle or just half way but have some questions before starting, for those whom have been there.
Will my shocks bottom out on up travel? If so what should be done to prevent it, I do not want to go higher and open up a new can of worms=$$? Maybe a longer bumpstop? How Long?
I have seen some of the links and gotten someideas but do not want to turn a free project into cash I do not have at the moment, go higher=spacers, perhaps DW, alignment issues since RE did not send the Adj. UCA's as ordered, etc.
Thanks in advance!!
Your shock mounting is based on your shocks and lift(plus bump stops).Take your shocks off and flex your jeep.Then with your extended and compressed lengths you can determine your shock/mount needs!You CAN'T just move them without doing this!

Thats kinda what I thought all this talk about a free easy mod had me wondering if I may run into some unaccounted for problems. Guess I 'll wait until I can remove shocks and flex it for true measurements.

He He, I moved them w/o measuring them because I brome my mount on one side. Luckily where I put the new points it worked out perfect. Just lucky I guess.
Basically if you you raise the shock mount 2" you have to lower the bumpstop 2". That is if you are still running the same shock.
I have a whole write up on my site in the how to section about doing this exact same thing.

Your site has influenced more than one decision on my mods and is a great resource. Matter of fact it is my reference for this mod, as flush may be a little too much.

Thanks again!