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rear bumper brackets


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york, pa
anyone have any photos of their custom or purchased rear bumper brackets on bumpers that have a receiver hitch mount or tow shackles?

I would imagine that the 8 bumper bolts for the stock bumper brackets would not be the best for attaching a bumper that woudl be used for pulling.


2"x2" square tube going into a 3/16" plate to the stock bolts, plus a braced strip of 3/16" going along the bottom rails into the same nutsert strip that the gas tank skid is bolted to. That's 7 bolts per side. I've used the two shackles on the bumper to lift the entire rear end straight up(axle swap) and it didn't even budge.


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My rear bumper is 3/16" 3x4 tube. Made the mounts from 2.5 x 1/4 angle. Just drill and bolt one leg of the angle to the body and weld the edge sticking out to the tube.
I am also going to put 2 x 1/4 angle along the lower mounts as soon as I get my gas tank skid in place.


I used all 18 factory mounting points!