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Rear AAL Installed , Few Qs


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Today me and a friend installed a set of rear AAL to lift my xj a few inches. Everything went well being our first try. I just had a few questions to ask, that concern me. Otherwise it looks good and drives much better than the stock mushy ride.

The first question is after i have installed the AAL the rear end of the leaves (leaves toward back of jeep behind axle) have some spaces between ? Is this normal, do u guys need pics ?

The second question is the full length AAL i installed was installed third from the top, was this correct ? I remember someone told me to put it under the main one , but that didnt make sense to me as it would not be from largest to smallest that way--Was that right of me to do ?

Last question is the stock leaves have those plstic rivet things under them. The leaf right above the the new AAL has it and i am worried that it might limit the travel of the AAL since its right next to it.?

PEte...and thx for everything
I did the same thing a few weeks ago. After the install i noticed a slight gap between the leafs.. In my case, I was running rusty's 3" and I only got one leaf strap which may play a role since the stock has two or three. Anyhow, as for the placement, mine went under the main, but that's were it belonged...according to length. In my mind they should gradually become smaller. My guess is you had a short aal...but I could be wrong.
Well the AAL i got was a long full one.I actually ordered the full one. The thing is the main leave and the one under it are pretty much the same length and the one i got was a tad bit shorter ?? When i say main i mean the one that has the eyes that attach to the jeep. So counting from the top including the main its third...

Sounds to be in the right spot to me(progressional order). As far as the gap is concerned I would say just make shure the U bolts are tight, and you'll be good to go. Clips, for the most part just keep leaves in the pack from twisting apart side to side.
if his are like mine, then they are tight but they need to settle in a little, u used two 12" C clamps and tightened them to the max and still had some small gaps, nothing major.
Question: where are the gaps? At the center pin? If so, you need to C-clamp on both sides of the center pin so there is no gap, then tighten the center pin, then install u-bolts.
jeepsrock said:
The second question is the full length AAL i installed was installed third from the top, was this correct ? I remember someone told me to put it under the main one , but that didnt make sense to me as it would not be from largest to smallest that way--Was that right of me to do ?
Are you certain you got a full-length AAL? A full-length AAL should be longer than all the other leaves except the main leaf, and it should install below the main leaf but above all the other leaves. Between your comment on length and the fact the tails of your springs are separating, it sounds like you have half-length (shortie) AALs.

Whose AALs did you buy? Is there a part number for reference? How long are the AALs, measured along the arch (not straight between the tips)?
I have Rustys Full 2" AAL, the part number matches these ones .

Here are a few pics of the situation, i drove the jeep today and it drives fine except i feel a slight vibe, but nothing big when acclerating and also i cant really explain the sound but every once in a while it sounds like tires are rubber rubbing on something and the vibe is felt on the steering area...kinda GRRR GRRR GRRR ?

Here are the pics:


Here is the side towrds the front of the jeep :

Here is that plastic rivet that seems to be hitting the end of the leaf:

A pic of the center of the pack would help if you had it (where the u-bolts are).

They don't look too bad, but the third pic makes it look like you didn't clean off the leaves before you reassembled them. That could explain some of the gaps (and don't forget that you also have the pads on the springs which will also create small gaps). The gap above the AAL may be from the center of the pack not being tightened down all the way. The gap between your mains and the first leaf looks like it's mainly from a warped main spring. I personally would have replaced the main spring with either a newer stock one, or gotten a full pack.

The pics are a bit misleading as there is a lot of grease in there. Before i put the packs together i quickly wire briushed them and cleaned them with degreaser and then greased them. I think the first issue here is it in the correc place ? Meaning its third from the top and the longer side is toward the rear (measure from center bolt longer end towrds back).

I just drove the jeep more and the noise is like when you are on the highway and the highway top switches from the smooth stuff to the stuff with lines in it and you get that very mild vibe and grr grr grr noise. I am also getting a shhh shh shh noise but i think that may be those annoying front rotor guards hitting the rotor.

As far as those plastic rivet things i figure they are two hold the teflon pads during installation so the one in question i just broke off.

Here are a few more pics especially of the center which seems in good shape to me.(srry about quality)

center pics.



pics of leaves toward front:



pics of leaves towrd rear:





First: Call Rusty's and ask where the AAL belongs.

Second: the noise you are hearing could be the driveshaft and transfer case if you haven't installed an SYE and CV driveshaft. Do you get the noise more when you brake? If so, it's because the rear is lifting and placing the driveshaft at a bad angle and binding the ujoints.
Are you sure you didn't mount the leaf backwards? There is a front and back to a full leaf. I put mine in, RE Full AAL and had no gaps and it was the second longest of the pack, main being the longest. The plastic "rivit" holding in the spring pad should not be showing if installed correctly.

Well i guess i am gonna have to call Rusty on MON bc i dont think they are open on the weekends.

As far as the noise they really occur at no specific points-- tho the intermittant vibes are as if they were under me sometimes and in front of me. They occur usually during accel from a dead stop at a signal or so and once i am past the spot it feels normal. If i really take it slow on the accel it drives fine also. I am thinking its something driveshaft related.

By using a angle meter can i determine if its driveshaft related ?? Are the spaces between the rear part normal ? I really would like to narrow it down to wheather its driveshaft related, something with the installation of the rear AAL ? THat way i know what i need to do ?

You didn't answer my question....DID YOU INSTALL THE SYE?

You may (probably) have bad u-joints. When you increase the lift, it places the u-joints in a different wear position and causes vibes.
Usually ppl dont install a SYE for a budget boost. Even if that was the case i cant afford that at the moment.

The jeep was converted to 4wd last month and all of the rears U joints where changed. Can the front D/s cause this.?

Could be a ujoint, could be the yoke slipping, could be a number of things. What year is it? I had to do a Tcase drop on my '00 with a 2"BB, had to go to a SYE with 3". Each rig is different. Are your ubolts tight? Did you retighten them? Is the rear twisting because the bolts aren't tight enough? Did you make sure the leaf is installed front to back correctly? Answer some of our questions and we can answer some of your's better.

This is a 94 xj 4.0/231/d30/8.25

The ubolts i was told to retighten after 100 miles which it hasnt been yet ? And as far as i know the add a leaf will only go in in the corect direction. Since the center hole is offcenter if it was in there incorrectly wouldnt it overlap on one edge ? Unless i am way off base here.