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re-wiring front passenger speaker...how do i get the wire into the cabin?


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my front passenger speaker isn't working, so rather than trying to figure out where the break in the wire is i'm just running a new speaker wire from the speaker right to the head unit.

here's my problem - there's no room in the grommet for me to get another wire through there, and i can't seem to get it out to work with it...is there an easy way to do this?
You need:
needle-nose, clothes hanger(or similar), 9-cord(twine), tape, wd-40 or armor-all, a little imagination and some patience.
Door panel off, kick panel off, door closed(or nearly).
I had to move the wires around when I made my power doors removable. The rubber boot loosens up if you work the wires back and forth. There are some little pieces of excess rubber around the molding, and its a lot easier to move the wires if you snip those off with some fine-tip scissors.
If you have not already pulled out the bad wire, solder the end of the good wire to it with a lengthwise splice, and use the old wire to pull the new one through.

can't do that - the speaker wires are run along with some others (i assume the power window and power lock wires) and are taped the whole way through the grommet...i can't only pull out the speaker wires.
I used a wire hanger. I taped the new wire to the hangar about a 1/2 inch from the end with the wire running along side the hangar. I used the hangar to push the wire through. Make sure there's no jagged edge on the hangar tip as that may slice the insulation of the other wires or puncture the boot. Sand it off to make it smooth. A little lube like Kujito suggests helps.
finally got it, after a few hours and a few different ways of trying it. i eventually got the coat hanger method to work, although it took me many many many tries - the part where the wire was taped to the hanger kept getting stuck when i would try to push it through.

here's another question - i'm thinking about adding a speaker bar, as the speakers in the tailgate are so far away from me that they're difficult to hear...how hard is that to do?
I have the 'sound bar' in my '96. Compared to the '92's speakers in the tailgate, I think they suck! Not enough room around or behind them to generate any meaningful bass. Put nice speakers in the doors, and a sub in the rear. You won't worry about little speakers in the back.
If you bend the leading end of the wire back on itself(about 1/4" - 1/2" from the end), it won't get stuck as easily. Tape the string to the end of the hanger. The string makes it easier to pull the wire through. Or you could just pick up one of THESE and make a lot of wiring jobs a lot easier.

The hard part about the sound bar is finding one. Like heyhar said, they don't sound great. Sounds better than the bottom of the gate though. X2 on some bass in the back and some nice separates up front but remember, gigo.