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So, I've been kinda absent lately for a few reasons. The first being my wife and I have been trying to find out what to do with our life. Seeing as I was probably going to be stop lossed anyway and didn't really have a solid plan in place (not to mention $$$) a massive career change didn't seem like a good idea. Second, we've been training like crazy for Afghanistan next year and I can honestly say it's the most fun/hardest I've had since I've been in the Army. We'll be right on the Afghan/Pakistan border so it will be like Colorado on steroids + taliban. Anyway, I think this deployment is going to be awesome (as awesome as a war can be...).

So, I re-enlisted for two years. No bonus, but at least I know whats going to happen to me and my wife for the time being. So really it was just for peace of mind. Seeing as tomorrow is my bday it seemed appropriate for that to be the day I re up. I'll turn 27 on the day I get out.

Also, my job is changing pretty dramatically. Instead of being a staff intel geek I'll be directly attached to a company commander. Essentially, my job will be to both collect/digest/disseminate intelligence on a really microcosmic level. I'm used to the digesting/disseminating, but to me it's always been the collecting thats going to be the fun part. So I met with the commander I'll be assigned to yesterday. Good guy, a little quircky, but so am I. I have a feeling I'll be spending more of my time outside the wire than in. So part of me is saying "sweet!" while the other is trying to remember basic training. :twak: This is a trial program the Army is doing so what we do/don't do will set the standard for everyone else.

Kinda boared and felt like sharing. :dunno:

Oh, and my computer crashed a few weeks ago...awesome...
Let me be ther first to say THANK YOU!

I have a great respect for those who serve our country.
well first things first, happy birthday! i got back from my second tour in iraq in january. i spent majority of my time out side the wire. and as much as it sucked and was stressfull. it passed the time and kept me from going crazy from boredom, as you will if you stay on the fob the whole deployment. i re-enlisted for two years when i found out that i was going to get stoplossed, so i could controle my fate. it works i got out great. by the way i was a cavalry scout and spent most of my time trying now missions/ideas for the army and it is alot of fun and really makes you feel good when you know you are the only one doing these kinds of missions. good luck when its over it will feel like a flash in your memory. you will only remember the good and the fun you had while deployed. here is a pic of me and my truck sitting on a route ritteled with IED's

there was a week that my platoon got hit every day for a week but we all came home with all our fingers and toes, and drink beer and laugh abut the dumn shit we went thru!

Tough choice to make considering that you've already done two tours. Your service is appreciated by myself, my family, and millions of Americans. Thank you.

Maui XJ,
The same goes for you!

I've only been on the one 15 month'er but thank you for the support Frank.

Maui, I know what you mean about going nuts. I was lucky enough to get off the FOB enough on my last deployment in Iraq to not go completely stir crazy, but this is going to be a bit more different. Developing informants is going to be a challenge but hey, I think we get relaxed grooming standards because of that. Apparently Afghan men will just not talk to you if you don't have a beard. And hopefully they will come out with some looser rules for tactically questioning detainees. Got investigated in Iraq for that and it wasn't fun.
Being a Army brat for a Vietnam Vet and Soldier for 29 years in the 101st and SF. I can say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
I tell my Dad as much as i can, "Thank You"!
When Vet Day roles around every year, i really lay it on him!
There are times I wish I would have went on to the same career, but God had other plans!
We really appreciate you guys and all that you have done, and will do!
God BLess