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random diff cover reinforcement mod


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1/4" steel, pressed, rolled, formed and cut to follow the contour of the existing stock 44 cover.....sexy curves for the hellovit.

random picture cause I'm bored.
Guard for the ElecTrac actuator.
You should drill and tap a hole near the bottom of it for a drain plug. It would come in handy if you ever get water in your diff as it will sit on the bottom and you'll be able to drain most of it out using the drain plug.

oh..... it's Damn SEXY!!:eek:
Looks good (it even has speed racer ;) swiss-cheese holes)!

What is the thickness of the Electrac cover? Was there any heat distortion problems, or was it low power mig welds. Any thoughts of what to expect on a factory cover (the thin 30 or 44)?
Ed, no distortion from what I can tell.

the mounting surface remained perfectly flat and did not cup. and it feels like the mode fork shifts on the ring as smoothly as it did before....

I was worried about warpage when i started, and figured that if I got any, that once the cover was bolted to the diff, I'd be okay.....
You can actually weld gusseting on a stock 1/8" thick D30 diff cover using mig without any warpage. The stamped cover increased the rigidity of the component........wow, that sounded almost engineer like.......I'm gonna go wash my mouth out with soap.
That would be great Beezil, but I'm looking for a welder, I already know how to sweep the floor myself.