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Radiator Line Question


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Houston, TX
Alright, so I was pulling my radiator because it has a leak, and one of the lines, it appears to be a reddish /crimson color to me, and the line is of a thin aluminum, and I can't figure out what it is, or any idea of the cost, so I was wondering if anyone knew.

I have supplied pictures here:

And I'll give you the image summery:
356.jpg = The whole line, you can see the bent side.
357.jpg = Just another of the whole line
358.jpg = Picture of the radiator, the part where it comes out is on the upper left part, where you see the brass. (Just under where the locking cap is)
359.jpg = closer picture of the connector.
360.jpg = The other end of the line, you push the two sides in and slide it in the hose.
361.jpg = the fluid that came out, I think its tranny fluid.
362.jpg = another pic of the fluid
363.jpg = The hose it connects to
364.jpg = same, but from a higher view
365.jpg = Radiator the little brass connecting piece, and the line.

So any help would be great (part, part #, and a price if possible (at most auto part stores)

Kind of need this running by Friday, planning on going camping.

Looks like a transmission cooler line to me. Assuming you have an automatic, there is a transmission cooler in the radiator. You can try the parts houses, but I usually have the best luck at the junk yard.

Might be a good time to install a tranny cooler. BTW, these lines can be very tight. Good line wrenches make the job easier.
Yes, I do have a Automatic, but I also have another 'radaitor' in the front, which I thought & was told, was the transmission radiator? So does it go through both?

Thanks a ton!
There is also the A/C Condensor,

I have a 1 & 1/2 foot one, that's about 4 inches tall, then another (which i think is the a/c condensor) which is of decent size, then the normal radiator.

You have the aux tranny cooler. It's used in conjuction with the one in the radiator; i.e., both are connected in series.
Alright, cool thanks guys!

Going to call up my friend tomorrow and have him get me a price on it. Hopefully it's not TOO much. Since I've only had this for a month or so, and I think the previous owner had thrown some radaitor sealant in it to stop the radiator leak. (Which is why I replaced it...)

Thanks again,
Try a pick 'n pull type or any salvage yard. Odd stuff like this is in low demand so you might get a deal otherwise dealership. Napa has fluid lines with the fittings already attached in precut lengths, straight. You bend them yourself which does require some skill and pacience (and the tube bender tool helps).
All right continuation time.

I went to a parts store, and they gave me the same thing Bajacalal said, but I forgot the line, so I needed to go back and I brought the line, and one of the fittings is completely different, so they told me I basically have to go OEM.

So began the search for the part, I called the closest dealership, and he didn't have the part, and it'd take 4 days to get. Then I called another dealership that 'said' he had it, I jump in the car drive 15 min, get there, and they had the wrong part. They had the part of the hose that goes from the tranny to the rubber hose right near the front of the engine. But they did a search and 'found' one, which is about 20 min the other way from where I am, I just got off the phone with them and they said they do have it, and described it similar to what I had. So now I recruited my ex-gf (she really is amazing.) to go get the part for me, since I came to work late (10 min) already, and I was late to work yesterday because I was getting the radiator.

Anyways, so if anyone ones into this problem again the part I'm 'quoted' is #52028328