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Quick!!! Is This A Deal!!!

If that's the kit you want,go for it. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Ask first though, if he's got it in stock and ready to ship. There's nothing worse than getting a great deal on something only to have to wait 6 months to get it :D
it's pretty normal for distributors to have it cheaper than direct, I doubt it's a scam.

Using "quick" and "deal" together means somethings wrong. Why do you have to decide quickly? There are plenty of RE vendors that frequent this forum willing to give you a good deal on RE stuff.
Just something to keep in mind - those 3.5 inch RE leafpacks will net you the same lift as a set of RE 4.5 inch coils. That's what I'm running. And no, they haven't sagged down to 3.5 in over a year. Since the coils are all the same price, have the guy send you a pair of 4.5 coils - you'll love the way they match those leaf packs.
ArmStrong... wow.... that's what I got coming in sometime this week or early next...... how much load do you have in the rear? big spare?(how big) do you carry any tools on regular basis? (if so... how much/how heavy) and do you have stock or aftermarket bumper?