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Questions about removing rear sway bar???


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Russellville, AR
I was wondering about removing the rear sway bar on my Cherokee. How much does it help off road? I only have a 2 inch lift, and have noticed you get much more flex in front than rear. I would seem that in climbing hills, that most of the traction comes from the rear, so helping rear articulation would help a bunch.

Also wondering how this effects handling on road? I don't need it to handle like a sports car, but don't want it to be dangerous either.

Most of us have pulled the rear sway bar off. IIRC, the Up Country models never came with one.

The rear sway bar will help if you customarily have a heavy load, or are towing. A lot of us have gone to stiffer springs and that helps in that regard.
I have a 3 1/2 inch lift with new rear springs and I have taken my rear sway bar off. I haven't noticed any bad effects while driving on road and there is more articulation driving off road.
I have a 3.5 inch lift with a full length AAL in the rear. I removed my sway bar and haven't noticed any bad effects either.
Take it off, unless you plan for it to tow. It will help reduce wheel hope on bumpy corners (on road). I toke mine off after the lift becouse it broke free and demalished the inside of my tires. Popped loose during flex.
What effect is there to removing the rear swear bar with no lift and 30 inch tires??

Tom D.
Anthropy said:
What effect is there to removing the rear swear bar with no lift and 30 inch tires??

Tom D.

There will be more body roll (lean) during cornering, and the front will tend to understeer more when cornering. Whether or not you notice either of these effects will depend on (a) how "vigorously" you attack corners, and (b) how sensitive you are to what your chassis is doing as you drive.