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question for all the hardcore axle swappers


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dirty Joisey
ok.. i have an LT1 and a 4L60 in my rig.. The dana 44 rear i currently have is taking a serious beating and i dont think its gonna last the summer season. I am getting knee surgery next week and will have a good 2 weeks where i won't be able to work or walk around but can build a rear axle up to keep me busy.

I'm looking for opinions.. so here goes...

I am thinking about a Ford 9" .. 66 inches wide out of a 70s bronco. its the stronger housing with the oval shape and i can get my7 hands on one to work on for 150 bucks complete.

i am thinking i'd have to run 5 inches or more backspacing because i will be keeping the front dana 30 for now and i'd like the width to be close front to back. i just dont have the coin to drop 5 grand in parts to build a front 9". A front 60 is a no go because it wont clear the oilpan with the LT1 in there.

my other option is a 63 inch wide dana 60 out of a 70s F-250.
My concern is the weight of this and also ground clearance issues. i can build the 9" with 35 spline shafts and figure it just as strong internally as the 60. however with a rear 60 i most likely wouldnt have to run a insane backspacing.

now i know the bolt pattern is different but the rear axle needs to go in a bad way. i figure i can carry a bolt pattern adapter untill i can drop the coin for the front axle in the event i need my spare.

the set-up currently is 6.5 inches of lift, long arms, 35 x 12.50 tires, 4 inches of backspacing and 4.56 gears.. lt1 , 4l60 .. my other thought was dropping the coin into the 44 and getting alloy shafts etc. but again i would still question the durability. thanks in advance for all the opinions.
Hmmmmm.....after thinking about your problem for a while, it seems the best solution is to send me your engine and transmission, and I will seend you back my 200,000 mile 4.0.

This will surely cure what ails you.

Seriously though, I would look into a 9 inch from a 70's fullsize car, like a lincoln versailles. they were a more reasonable width, and many came with a nodular iron case and the correct bolt pattern for a Cherokee.

Check this site for 9" details.


somehow i dont think the lt1 is coming out.. but i do have a motor out of a 77 landcruiser you can have :D

The reason i was looking for wider is that i want to go to 37s when the front axle gets done ....i have an itch for the krawlers :D
I guess a front d44 from a f150 is a no go?