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Pritchett footage avail


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We got a lot of video of the Thursday run of Pritchett - if anyone that ran it would like a copy, PM me. Anyone that did not run it, you would need to ask really nicely - It is about a 20 minute process per DVD.
There is also a little bit of footage from Strike Ravine on Saturday, but it is not very good. At the pace we were going, and the length of the bigger hills, we didn't have time to camp out a spot and get killer footage.

It was nice to meet so many other XJ lovers. I wish I hadn't gotten sick my first day there and had to duck out early.
pretty please, can I have footage? It was my first run on Pritchett :)
The dvd is pretty good, he also added in some footage of Pritchett and Widow Maker from 94' that shows how much they've changed over the years.
Will you be watching Derek's, Santa? If you would like one for yourself, please PM me your info.

For anyone interested, the 1994 and 1991 footage I have been sticking on the end of these is very brief, because I had less than 2 minutes of empty DVD space left after all the Pritchett stuff was on there. There is Rocker Knocker, Rockpile, White Knuckle, and Widowmaker from 1994 as well as Potato Salad Hill from 1991. Good times had by all :viking:

I had him ship me a copy today Wayne, Seeing what it looked like back in 94 must be cool.....SANTA