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Powertrax No-Slip Warranty/Parts?


NAXJA Forum User
Anyone ever deal with Powertrax warranty folks......or for individual locker components? Pulled mine apart this afternoon to find some breakage (I ain't smart enough to know names of components, so I won't go into the issue)....wasn't really acting too funny, but I am not gonna put it back in there like this. I had ordered a new spring pack for it (long story).....then opened it up to find other issues. Go figure. I put my stock spiders back in for now.............

Just curious if anyone had dealt with this before I call them on Monday. Thanks.

Emily "XJGrl -- finally back in the garage" Davis :wierd:
call them monday is the best that i can say to do...

Yes, I just got mine back Friday, They were easy to deal with I just had to wait 3 weeks for them to manufacture a new 1 for my 30 front purchased it on feb. 25 and it worked ok then it started to keep 1 side locked all the time so they replaced it with no problem. Their warranty # is 1 864 843 9275.
thanks....ill be on it on monday.....thnx for the number.