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*POP!*...that can never be good.


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North Carolina
Ive got the GenII disconnects from RE for my XJ with a 4.5" lift. I had been hearing a little poping noise in my steering when i was turning and hit bumps, i figured my trackbar was alittle loose but today just pulling into my driveway as soon as i hit that bump when my tires were turned,*POP*. i got out and found that one of my little red blocks on my discos had the bolt rip out and the threads are messed up. Anyone else have this problem i dont want to have to buy a new set and I dont know whether RE sells individual parts.
There should be no reason for it to rip out that i know of.
Maybe your steering was hitting them? Call RE up and see what they say, and if they can send you the parts you need instead of the whole thing.