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Hoquiam, WA
Hans on FunnyRocks



Hans on MoonRocks
And of course, I had tent issues. The corner ripped, so I decided to 'try' to put it back in the box to return it. That in itself is an impossible feat!


A great time was had by all. Next year will be one heck of an event.
Looks like you guys had a great time. Perhaps (with the new job I'm trying to get) I'll be able to make it out next time.

How'd the chop turn out, Steve? Looks good from here.
Looks like you guys had a great time. Perhaps (with the new job I'm trying to get) I'll be able to make it out next time.

How'd the chop turn out, Steve? Looks good from here.

Chop is still kinda "raw". Waiting to do the dovetail before I finish it. Lots of work yet.
Hey Willis....Hey Hans....

Really great to meet you two at FunnyRocks...Harvester of Sorrow here.

I was the dork videotaping the buggy in the pics above.

Next year I am definitely planning on making the NW Fest! I didn't find out about this year until about 1 week before it occured and things were a little tight...

Glad to see everyone here made it home o.k....

Next year baby....and I will video!
hey willis i think you guys got the funny rocks and the moon rocks backwards. the last pic of the white xj is the funny rocks (have an almost exact copy for my grammas 65 cj5 on that same line)

where were all the stuck spots at? there cant have been that much mud, unless you guys were way up in the trees where the sun didnt really reach.
Ladywolf you are right. The names got switched.

Killer video, that was shoot on sunday.

It was good meeting you Harvester of sorrow. Hope we meet on the trail again. Or at least at nw fest next year :party:
Haha, your right, I did get the names backward.

HarversterofSorrow, it was good meeting you. Nice camera work! That video is great! Next years NW Fest will be awesome. See you on the trails!

Most definitely...this weekend Snort4x4.com is putting on a "newbie" run. This is for limited ability vehicles or limited experience drivers looking to learn more.

Here is the post from that site:

"Ok, here is the plan, we meet aug 1st at the first pit, 9am. We will try to head out around 10am after some butt sniffin and so I can get a feel for the group..

Here is what I want to see in the way of rigs. 35" smaller tires and open diffs. Those who wish to attend that will be up to my discretion as some are going to let others drive there rigs who are not experianced, which, I wanna see...

I am planning on doing the wall trail, as its tight and technical, but there are lines that are not "that" tight to where body damage will occur, well, if you are a full size rig, then yes, you might get some dings. I did a test run with a toy on 29's and it only needed 2 tugs and we got it through ok (he also was a good listener)..

One thing I will not tollerate, those with a pissy mid set, getting mad and so on. This is intened on being a learning experiance for those who want to learn, and well, lets say, shit does happen out there.... Those who wish to be support vehicles send me a PM, I know harv. is going to be one..."

I will be there though...given the above rules...I am "over qualified" with 37's and being fully locked front and rear....BUT the rig is new to me so I am a NEWBIE again...ha ha ha...

you should check out the SNORT4x4.com board or come out on Sunday the 1st.

Ohhhh and thanks...I love making movies like that....

Good times

Cool. Thanks for posting that up. It's something SNORT does every year. I've wanted to attend, but for one reason or another, I couldn't. Same goes this year.

I advise anyone that has a stockish vehicle, to go. There are some very knowlegable drivers there. It should be a fun and informative run.