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PICS*96 XJ, 89 YJ parts


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parting the 96 out has 64000 miles on body. no engine, trans, front axle, trans of tc.....there are many other items still there....ABS, doors, rear axle(35), interior parts, guage cluster(not sure if still works though), wheels and tires, rear drive shaft.....sell everything dirt cheap and you pay the shipping.

89 YJ whole jeep or part out...many new items. has 4 in lift, sound bar, center console, hurst shifter knob, many more, 4cyl blown, will part with the whole thing for $1,300 needs an engine.

i have pics at webshots look under gnegy2 for items for sale and the jeeps

will consider trades on all parts need front tow hooks and a rear hitch for my 2000 XJ
XJ is black and its a 4 door....no rust missing drivers door and rear hatch though...interior is gray...the guage cluster does have a tach in it($30 for the guages, the jeep was not running though when bought so i am not sure if they work, guages only show 64000 miles, you pay for the shipping also plus the 30 deal?)

the xj was a sport so everything was electric so all of that good stuff is still there.
i am looking at getting something like $250 for the whole jeep as is....will take best offer though. there are many good parts still on the jeep doors($50 for the remaining 3), ABS and brake booster($75 obo), rear drive shaft ($50), rear axle d35 ($125), stock coils ($10), seats ($50 for both), ect. so if you buy it all and save.....