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Pick and pulls-upper South Carolina/Georgia

jeepjunkies said:
Moved from Colorado where I had access to a lot of Pick and pulls and junk yard. Now that I am here I can't find any. There has got to be someone around here that knows.
Thanks fellow wheelers
Sorry to be the berror of bad news but arround here they are almost nonexistant. One im Columbia, a couple arround Charlotte. Those are the ones i know about. You going to go to tellico in July?
Thanks so far for the info. I was hoping to find some better news. How's about the trails nearby. Are there any local trails? Planning on heading to Tellico for the Crawl but want something closer with rocks to play on.
Thanks guys.
Uwharrie is about the only place that has psudo rocks!
Try Ed Powell's auto salvage, S&M, or Anderson Auto Salvage, all in Anderson. If Ed Powell does'nt have it, you probably don't need it anyway.