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Pick and Pull in Nashville


Three-De Off-Road
Nashville, TN
Has anyone been out to the Pick and Pull off Charlotte near John Tune Airport in Nashville?

I am curious about their pricing and inventory.
Been there a couple of times, I work right down the street. I haven't seen any jeeps thought. I have only made it around half the yard but the computer does say there are a couple of older ones. It is pretty nice for a junk yard.
I personally haven't been there but a buddy goes there often for parts and he says they have pretty good prices. Dunno about jeep parts tho.

If you are looking for XJ parts there is a place east of Huntsville, AL that has hundreds of XJ's and lots of other jeeps as well. They are OK on their prices but are open to a little bargaining. If you need it they would have it...

PM me if you want directions...
Where exactly is this place east of Huntsville? Is it on 72? I live North of Huntsville, and just bought a '98 XJ with almost 200K on the clock, so I will probably be looking for it before too long!