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west michigan
cleaned out the garage, and i have this stuff that i can sell.

all of it is OBO/lets make a deal style
interested in trades, interested in cash.
(trades for XJ stuff, or non jeep stuff)

(ZJ)4.0 Auto Flywheel w/ spacer and plate for tranny
4.0 YJ AC pump
(ZJ)4.0 ZJ AC pump
(ZJ)4.0 ZJ AC pump bracket
(ZJ)4.0 ZJ coil
42RE transmission core 130k
4.0 HO push rods 135k
4.0 HO CHampion truck plugs
(2) 6.75" stock speakers

Still have a ZJ parting out.
Interor Panels greay, (all but pass door)
wiring harness 4.0 auto limited ZJ
front bumper skin green with Pimp Daddy Gold Package (PDGP)
Cladding for doors (Green w/PDGP)
Complete ZJ dash 112k on clock - no radio
Floormats (rubber grey)
Gas Tank (26gal)
Catalytic converter already cut off (112k)
D35 shafts for drum brakes
D30 complete (non disconnect, Ujoint)
stock suspension - no front UCAs
center console

ask me if youre looking for anyother ZJ parts i may have them , but i have no drive train, i have engine bay things...

if you want a picture of anything let me know, and i think youd be happy with how easily i want this stuff gone Naughty Big Grin

will ship at buyers expense.
Do you have the pitman arm?
i have the pitman arm 20+shipping, i hate taking those of :rofl:

i do have the ujoint shafts from the 30, id like to sell it whole, but ill take what i can get 50 for the pair

shackles are working well, although i am thinking about selling my XJ and getting another ZJ i miss the grand :flamemenow:
IIRC it has the tranny cooler still, may have sold it last time around, but ill check and let you know, ill be going there today to tomorrow to get somestuff weighed for kartisc