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Parts for 96xj wanted,will trade web,logo,graphic design work


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Upstate NY
Thought I d try something out....
We are building up a 96 xj and documenting(film and print).The whole idea of the build is to show that you CAN build a decent off road vehicle without breaking the bank hence the title .... Cheap Cherokee anyways we are trying to build this thing with as little cash lay out as possible (like anyone else I imagine) and documenting each and every step.(possibly sell the rights to it)
So as the weather gets better here in upstate NY we ll be hitting salvage yards and the like... and also if anyone is feeling generous :) will accept parts donations.

But on to this post I ll do web, logo and 3d design work also photo manipulation advertisements and whatever in exchange for parts.

Right now its bone stock and rock solid 4.0 aw4 231 30 8.25 140k miles springs havnt sagged at all (still 17.5" in the rear)

We need everything so if you have any stuff layin around and need any of the above mentioned work done ... or anything similar drop me a line maybe we can work something out.
I have all of my stock suspension parts off of my XJ. I do have some wheels/tires for sale, but not that big. Only 30's.

I am sourcing parts from local owners for the price of anything from beer, to $20.00.

Good Luck
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