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Paragon run Sept 12....

I might be able to make it for Friday. I want to try out the new lift and tires. There are still some things that I need to address before then. I will let you know as it gets closer.
Working hard towards this event... will know more closer to the actual date.
what kinda run? would it be an open run or another one of those Hard core runs. Cuz i am slightly modified.
I'm being a pansy, but I doubt I wil make it to any wheeling trips for quite a while, probabaly not until mid winter or so. My jeep is in bad condition and I'm working slowly to get it working (and maybe looking) the way it used it. I'd rather not abuse it until it's all good again. I can always drive up and tag a long though. _nicko_
Will anybody be around on sunday?

Due to work, the only day I could make it would be sunday. I have been dying to get up to Paragon, I only live 45 minutes away. What time can you run to on saturday?
Hmm...Wheelin 1 week before my wedding...I know! I'll bring the Fiancee along and we'll all go wheelin!

Really, I'll be there Friday night and will be campin Friday Saturday nights. As long as I manage to scrounge up a spare D35 C-Clip Passenger side spare axleshaft I'll be rearin to go.
You should buy one of the D44's that CHW found...
If my Jeep is ready, I'll be up Thursday night for Friday wheeling.