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P series IBM Server


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Effort, Pa
Boot question on initial install....off of cd or tape.
<grin> What, no paper tape option?
well, it's a P580 with 64 processors, I was originally going to do a migration from aix4 to 5.2 and just decided a full pave over was the way to go.. Need to buzz this out before I start on the other 50 of the beasts...got a tentively new customer and contract :D
Prefer the tape because I can make a full clone with two commands, makes life easier for the intstalls. The commute is going to be a PIA though. Trying to drag my buddy up the street in on it, he can do the veritas and disk arrays. Been a while and I forgot about he F5 key option for boot on powerup... used to the older RS with the service key.... well, back to learning about hmc and ami....
Hells bells, boot from CD if you're doing a clean install. You'll grow old waiting on tape for a full install.


I'm not an AIX geek (and have no desire to cause myself that much pain) but I suspect that mksysb may become your best buddy in this endeavor.

Feel free to ignore......
Yea, but the tape is quicker to cut vs burn disc, those boxes don't come with burners. The tapes I can dupe pretty quick. Tape does a mksys restore in about 30 min. Actually will probalby setup a server and do it over the net. Still looking at the project. Other option is just mirror 10 discs at a time and pull the carriers and swap them. That should cut it down to 15 min or so... we'll see.
My eyes feel like they are falling out, nobody writes dryer manuals than IBM, well, maybe HP....
Rich, I know the dupe on the tape will be quicker but the the amount of time it will take to load from the tap01 instead of opt01 will burn the green screen into the bak of your retinas. If these are all on the same lan migrate one first then setup a virtual optical drive on that one and run the load to the rest from there. Should save you a good bit of time if there are geographically close.

Just curious why v5r2 and not v5r3? Hardware not compatible? There are some incredible options with r3.

Good luck