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... happy belated birthday to Beezil and Ted Z and kudos to Goatman for scoring the gig in the L.A. Times :)
thanks for the spanking!

I missed goatmans minutes of fame, can you refer me? I'd love to see what the goats been up to.

whadyou been doin?
I was read'n this thread:


Gonna have to start a write-in campaign to get Richards rig in one of the 4x mags. Your's too. Round up a bunch of 'em and do an article on chopped XJ's.

Are you listening, magazine dudes???

I've been too busy just doing repairs on my Jeep. Every time I decide to build or modify something, my Jeep breaks and I end up spending my time (and money) on repairs instead. arrrrgh! The 'ole 90 is racking up too many miles and showing it's age. I keep telling myself it can go 300k, but sometimes you have to wonder.

Your's is looking good though. I read the thread on you plans to build some new front arms. Noticed how almost every post * didn't * answer your original questions. Ain't that how it goes :)

I'd like to spend some time doing some serious thinking on the effects of "anti" this and that on a crawling suspension. Ed Stevens could make some sense of the topic.

There's lots of threads here and on POR discussing how to figure out the angles (some right and some wrong), but you never read a definitive statement on how it plays out during a climb. Most everyone assumes the main impact is on traction, but the effect on chassis height might be a benefit as well. Can you say "increased break-over clearance, just when you need it"