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Outdoor Sheds....


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San Diego
Hi, I live in southern california and was wondering if anyone knew of a place that sells reasonbly priced sheds under 1000. I am interested in someething large enough to store a 2 seater dune buggy. Thanks.
Check Home Depot or Lowes for sheds that you can put together yourself or have them do it for you at additional cost.
If you are handy and have the time, build your own. You will get a better quality shed for about half of what the kits cost (maybe less). Plenty of plans available on the web for free or low cost. Check your local building codes for the restrictions you will face.
Also check zoning codes. Building codes often don't say much about utility buildings and buildings not intended for human occupancy, but the zoning regulations are what will dictate if you can put it where you want to -- or build it at all.
I checked with a company that installed galvanized garages. Guy offered to sell me a used one. Then noticed my pick up, asked if I had a trailer hitch and said if you remove it you can have it. He got calls all the time to dismantle or move garages.
I put mine up on curb stones (needed to be a little taller anyway), the only zoning requirement, was for the foundation and standard property line clearances. No foundation or slab, no problem. Did the whole thing with square patio stones, curb stones and a couple of truck loads of sand. Been there for close to fifteen years and even survived a small tornado that knocked down a 60 foot pine tree right next to it.