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Olympic Top Hat Roof Rack install


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Albany, N.Y.
$299.00 plus $40 shipping and that included my 48 red powdercoated hi-lift jack for $62 all from quadratec. SHIPMENT CAME IN LITERALLY 2 DAYS!!!!

First i had to get rid of all roof rust so it was sanded and re-painted. Then stock cross bars were removed. Then i simply followed directions and walla, there she is. I have the spare tire, 5 gal gerry can, 48" hi-lift jack all up there and still have room for 4 or 5 dead bodies!! (joke). The bes part is the bars running along the side so incase u lean over on an off camber trail and swipe a tree, there ya go, added protection!! The storage space measures 65" length and 48" width. I have the light bar which didnt need any adjusting cause i put it an inch or so away from it and left the light tabs for the rear floods! A big diamond aluminum toolbox will probably take up the rear if i can find one low profile enough and then cram all recovery, tools, fluids, spare parts and whatever else is needed; camping gear, air compressors etc. Overall, i love it and its mad strong; my 261 pound a$$ can stand in it and at a good 75 mph i barely heard a sqeek!!

Copy and paste link into ur browser,
C:\Documents and Settings\Gerard Cartaino\Desktop\ALL PICTURE FOLDERS\my 95 jeep cherokee sport
BrettM said:
you are a tech god, rivaled only by your web skills

Now i know your joking because i only put on a good roof rack on my daily driver. YOUR RIG WOULD RUN CIRCLES AROUND ME ON THE TRAILS AND IVE SEEN SOME OF WHAT U HAVE DONE!!!

In all seriosness, hey im basic and ur a pro but mine is taylored to my liking !!!
cant link to your hard drive, host your pictures somewhere. try using www.imageshack.us and then giving us the link
Done can start another