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Nut Strips


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Does anyone know where I can order/get some either locally or online? Spent about 20 mins searching and found nothing.
Dealer would be the only place I could think of, but I duno if they would either. Does your frame rail not have them? If not the best thing i would say is just fish some bolts up in the frame rail and do it that way, if you put lock washers on before the nuts they usually hold tight to tighten them up. When I did my hitch it came with carriage bolts and square blocks the carriage bolts fit into to hold them still, and a lenth of wire to 'screw' the bolts onto, then fish the wire through the frame and install the bolts. Works perfectly.

I just installed rock sliders and did the same thing (with just regular grade 8 hardware) fished bolts up through the frame rail with the wires, and then put lock washers on them and torqued them down!
Dealer definately has them, to the tune of around $20-25 a peice

bingo!!! i think the proper name is "rear frame reinforcement bracket". they are different for right and left side. search these forums for NUT STRIPS and you should come up with part numbers.
The strips spread out the load by the way they sandwich between the strip, framerails, skid/tow hitch vs individual nuts/bolts which localize the load.
The strips do rust out, I know next time I drop my rear skid I'm going to need new ones. I do have one passenger side one and I guess I better order a driver side before the dealer does not have them anymore. I'd actually like to make a set and may consider making them out of heavy steel plate next time around but I need two to get the correct dimensions and folds.
When I bought my factory gas tank skid plate from the dealer they came in the box as part of the package, bolts too.
Mopar numbers for the trailer hitch nut strip.

52001174 Right
52001175 Left

I believe the dealer lists them as skid plate reinforcement strips.
I think I have one sitting around still in the plastic bag from the dealer...bought that, the tow hook bracket, all the nuts/bolts and never put it on for whatever reason. Let me see if I can dig it up, and shoot me a pm offer.