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NP 242 Fill plug


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Walnut Creek, CA
So according to chiltons the fill plug onthe 88xj's np 242 is 30mm.

So I go grab a 30mm socket. Grab a large breaker bar. And get under the jeep to take off the plug.

No luck.

I put all my weight on this damned thing, with teh socket slipping off slightly onceor twice (why the hell would they only give you 1/8th an inch of grabbing surface on these plugs? Like it would be SO difficukt to give you a 1/4 inch. :rolleyes:.

So now I hit it up with some penetrating oil, and im going to try again, but doesn anyone here have any tips to getting these off? IM giving it all my weight (granted, thats not all that much) and Ill ik succeding in doing is fawking up the plug.

I have a 242 on my 91. 30mm is good. I do have nylon washers on both my fill, and drain plugs though.

It should not require that much torque. Try to back out the drain plug. At least if you do that one it may provide the encourement to keep trying the fill plug.

The only thing I can really suggest is to take it out for a good drive in attempt to heat up the Aluminum case, then try wrenching while it's hot.
No go on driving it. I got ahead of myself, and decided to try the drain plug... yup that one worked. Now my case is empty. :/

Not that it wasnt empty before... literally maybe 4 ounces came out when I popped the drain. I knew I had lost SOME fluid, but no idea it was that much! I do have a propane torch, I could try hating it up with that, if he penetrating oil doesnt work.

Dont wanna light anything on fire tohgh....

I have nightmares about my TC goin' dry--mine is a real leaker.

You might want to wait for some expert opinions before you start applying direct\localized heat to Aluminum.

anyone with expert opinions, post up.

I hit it again with the oil, tried to plug off, still stuck on there.
Yes, I am.
about 1 1/2' long. Not really any more room for anything else.
If you have access to air tools use an impact wrench to reverse it out. The impact wrench will deliver the torque needed WITHOUT applying a side load causing the socket to tilt and slip off like when using a wrench or breaker bar.

I'll save the lecture about ALWAYS pulling the fill plug first before draining it. :D j/k
The stupid part wasnt taking the drain plug out.

It was driving it to school this mornign when I knew I had lost some fluid.

Literally, When I took off that drain plug, a few ounces of fluid came out... I mustah been running dry for a while, cause i dont remmeber this much coming out when i had my little accident.

Its better that I took the drain plug out anmd realised how damn low it was than to continue driving it.
I use a 1 3/16" 6 point socket on mine. It's a 3/4" drive with a 2 foot long rachet :)

When I first broke it loose I needed pretty much all of that 2 feet. Try a box, open end or adjust adjustable. You get less of the side load mentioned previously.

FTW, Ryan "CheapXJ" broke a 242 case trying to get a plug loose once :(

Good luck and be careful!
You should be ok applying a little heat around the fill plug. Put a 6 point socket the fill plug and put the heat on the aluminum around the plug. Try to point your torch away from the plug. Aluminum heats and cools much faster than steel. Just dont over heat it.
Hmmm, seems like another application for some Anti-Sieze goo...Steel fasteners and Aluminum fixtures love to bind up.