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NOVA/MD/DC Meet and Greet??



Hey guys, I just thought I'd start a thread to guage interest in a meet and greet in the DC area. I'd definately be up for one, the sooner the better. Anyone wanna throw some dates out there?? I'd say the weekend before thanksgiving, but that's really soon. What do you guys think?? Locations? Just wanted to open this topic up. Peace

I'd be up for a meet and great in the DC area. Just gotta be indoors because it is f'in freezin outside. After the holidays would be good, get to show off the cool christmas presents....

I'm in Ellicott City... :)[/quote:ec05a5f889]

Sweet man, I used to work in Marriotsville and I ate lunch in Ellicott City everyday :p

Anyway, I'm thinking sometime around the beginning of Feb or if you wanna do it later maybe the end of march, then we could do it outside. I may be competing in March so I'll be very busy towards the end of Feb and the begining of March. Peace

[quote:c63953eda0="STROKER"][quote:c63953eda0="Lightning"]I've met stroker,be afraid...be very afraid.[/quote:c63953eda0]

Gee thanks.....[/quote:c63953eda0]

I'm sorry,you know i'm just kidding.
You are great!