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NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN for SoCal Chapter 2024-25 Board of Directors

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Only Marble Sharp
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Yes, I realize that this years nomination period is later than that prescribed by the Chapter Bylaws, and for that I apologize.

Each nomination can only be made by paying members (Red Letter), and seconded by the same.

All nominations MUST be seconded in order for the nominated individual to appear on the ballot.

Remember that person needs to be a paid member in good standing for the past year to qualify for the position. Beyond that the most important attribute is an ability to work with a diverse group and a good attitude.

The nomination period will run through December 13, 2023. Elections will begin December 14 and run through 28th, 2023 for the office of President, Vice president, and Treasurer.

The term for these seats runs from January 01, 2024 through December 31, 2026.

Please check with an individual before nominating them.

IF at 11:59:59 pm there are not an accepted nomination for each and every Board position, the nomination period will be extended until there is a nomination for each position. The duration of the extended nomination period will be determined by the current BOD. If at such time the sitting BOD determines that the extended nomination period has run its coarse, and that finding a nominee for all three open BOD positions is unfeasible the chapter will be closed. Prior to disbandment of the chapter the current BOD will make the final, unequivocal decision as to the disbursement of chapter funds.
People, this is YOUR Club. It is OK to participate.

I nominate Tim "Bent" Bentley for Prez
I nominate Carol "Carol.92124" Horsley for treasurer.
I second Tim "Bent" Bentley for Prez.
I second Carol "Carol.92124" Horsley for Treasurer.
I accept the nomination for treasurer
I accept the nomination for chapter president
The nomination period has been extended. As per the initial post they will remain open until there is an accepted nomination for the office of Vice President.

If you know a member that may be interested please contact them, or, consider taking on this position yourself.

ETA: Having more than one person nominated for a position is ok. Actually a good sign. Any club with members willing to participate is a good thing.

Apathy will only lead to SoCal becoming part of the Sierra Chapter.
I nominate Tom "Anak" for Vice-President.
I accept the nomination for SoCal Chapter Vice President.
thank you Tom for stepping up. And thank you John for your "time served"
I would have been more than happy to let John keep the job.

LOL, I don't know that John would've accepted the nomination, unless it was to keep the Chapter going.

I look forward to working with you, Tom, and to having John help out sometimes anyway :wave1:
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