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Nice XJ at Auburn Tire, does someone here work there??


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I have driven past Auburn Tire several times and seen sweet white XJ. Just wondering if it belongs to anyone here. It's white, fenders trimmed, about 6 or 7 inch lift, RE drop brackets, 35 BFG MTs. Looks like he wheels it pretty good too.

If you are out there, did you buy that winch bumper somewhere, or is it custom? I've never seen that one for sale before. If custom, WOW, very nice job!

If he doesn't reply, I think I'm going to leave him a note on his windsheild to check out NAXJA Sierra chapter.

By the way guys, I'm leaving in one week now (had some problems with my visa) for Papua New Guinea. Good news though, it looks like I will probably be keeping my MJ! See you guys in July :D
yea i know him. his name is jacob and he go's wheelin with some of us every once and awhile. his front bumper is a hanson.
Right now his front diff is blowen apart though!!
Keep your hands out of the Paupau Patch!

Wishing you Max Blessings on your mission!

Glad to hear you are keeping the MJ. It will serve you well in the future, a good mechanical friend is few & far between...from the pic, I suppose you trust it some.

Be careful, thoughtful, and productive. Remember to keep us posted if you can, and come back to wheel with NAXJA! We'll be here.


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