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New Tires


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Arlington, VA
I just bought new tires for my '01 XJ Classic today. Boy, are they smooth! I bought the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo. The specs on them are great. They're supposed to be awesome in dry, wet, mud or snow. I doubt they would be good for crawling over rocks, but I don't know. For my purposes, which is getting back and forth to work and taking an occasional foray out of town, they are perfect.

I just have one question. My original Goodyears were 225/70-16. What I bought are 245/70-16 (BTW, they don't rub at all even at full lock). What difference will these make in my speedometer? Will it be significant enough to change the gear? My speedo always read a few miles/hour on the high side before. So will this make it more accurate? Just wondering.

Also, I bought the Pure Performance cross drilled rotors for it a couple of weeks ago and man, has that made a big difference in the stopping power and warped rotors should be a thing of the past.

TIA for any info you guys can give me on the speedo thing.
The speedo error will be directly proportional to the difference in tire diameter. Compare the diameters and see what you get. You should be able to find the diameter on the tire manufacturer's web site.

The new tires are taller than the old ones, so your speedometer will be LESS accurate than before, not more. Also, if you notice worse gas mileage and less power, that's also the result of the taller tires.