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New Mohawk Trail Run

Lawn Cher'

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Westampton, NJ
Earle from RI has announced the intentions of hosting a run in the Mohawk Trail area in No. Adams, MA for the weekend of August 29-31... especially convenient since the Paragon Hardcore run got postponed. Camping arrangements will be announced shortly as soon as we have an idea of how many plan on attending.

There are trails for all levels, containing dirt, rocks, mud, logs, trees, water crossings, hill climbs. Many long trails for hours of non-stop wheeling.

Please reply below with your intentions to attend. Thanks!.
count me in... the trail rig will be back on the road tonite.. finally...
P.S... though i'm fairly new to the NAC i got the feeling at the last ride a few weeks ago that new faces arent that common.. summer's awastin' guys!
(..steps down off the soapbox..)
My one down weekend and I'm installing 2 lifts:(

I'll be out there for the the BSROA and VTXS competition the week before though.

Good luck!
We're (family and I) coming out to see everyone but won't be running. Still bone stock and found out that TC won't stay in 4 low now. Hoping that it's just a linkage adjustment after it was pulled for the flex plate change.
Griz, there are some roads/trails out there that you can drive in 2WD -- or maybe 4WD high range -- especially if you have an automatic. Sidriptide and I found a couple last time, and I'm sure there are more. They are more dirt roads than trails for much of their length, but they're off pavelemt and out in the woods.

Maybe some other stockers will show up to run with you. If I'm in the area I'm happy to run stock trails, but I may not be in the area that weekend.
if everything goes according to plan, I should be heading out that was as well. Look forward to seeing you all there.
Eagle, thanks for the info. Sidriptide has been egging me on in the background, so I thought we'd at least meet everyone before Maine. If other stockers show and we can do some back roads then we'll probably run.

An aside and a little off topic. Anyone know of a Mainer that has just moved to North Central MA? 90's era red XJ with AJ's bumper, rock rails, decal and a 4-6 inch lift. I'm getting ready to drop one of our cards on his windshield with my telephone number on it to see if I recruit a new face, but if he's already here, then there's no need. Can't imagine he'd know AJ and not us. PM me if anyone has any idea who he is.
i talked to earle tonite and i am setting something up to meet with some locals out there from the "berkshire ridgerunners" on saturday. they are a small local club in pitsfield.. maybe we can learn some new trails and make some new contacts and maybe spur a lil interest in eachothers clubs.. only makes sense since we wheel in their backyard anyways..

Those topo maps we bought show some other dirt roads/trails heading southerly from approximately where we picked up that second trail you and I hit, but heading more south toward Williamstown rather than southeasterly toward North Adams. Perhaps they could tell you if those would be suitable stock-level trails.
I won't be able to make it this time... long story, I don't feel like explaining it here.
ok.. i talked to earle tonite.. there are a few changes since the last run.
1st.. the camping is not at greylock this time.. it is in VT on rt 9, about 30 mins north of north adams.. if you intend on camping friday nite i can get you directions..
2nd change is the meeting place. since the trail saturday will be close to the campground the meeting place saturday will be the campground at 9am, INSTEAD of the Big Y lot as has been in the past.. since the campground is out of the way and not as easy to find as the Big Y i will volunteer to meet people at Big Y at 8AM so no one gets lost or delayed.. if you want to meet me there let me know.. pm cellphone # and so forth... i am still working with the Berkshire Ridgerunners to meet them as well and will probably meet them there as well... if you intend to stay over friday or saturday let us know so we can tell earle how many to expect.. as it stands i'm staying over saturday. the trail rides will most likely be finaliazed when we all get together.. if we get stockers and small lifts we can split off from the big boys.. hope to see you there!!
brutal? thats only 30 mins earleir than you'd be there if you are going stright to the camp! and i figured we all wont be on the same exact schedule.. so we'd hang till 830 to see if everyone shows. the name of the campground is a lil shaky earle says it's "red mill brook" or "red something" if you take RT 8 notrh from north adams to RT 9, take a left (west) the sign is on the left and the camp is on the right.... i am actually going to find the camp before i head to Big Y that morning.. if you want to go to the camp directly you will have until about 10AM before we get everything ready and hit the road.. the Big Y is a good starting place since you can pack a last-minute lunch. if you arent stopping there think ahead and pack something at home.. there is no supermarket near the camp.
Mike, that's very amusing! Cell phones in North Adams? You're smoking bad dope. :D
OK, we'll see you one place or the other. Don't wait for us. :D Gonna leave a note on xj2k tomorrow morning, don't think he's figured out the PM feature yet as he hasn't opened the invite I sent him a few days ago.
my cell phone worked out there for 1/2 of our trail ride.. and worked in town just fine..
thanks for the info and link BrokenXJ..
have you decided if you are going to make it this weekend Eagle?