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New Magazine: Overland Journal


NAXJA Member # 101

This is a new magazine hitting the market that those interested in vehicle dependant overland travel may be interested in. I'v read some of the trip reports, gear evaluations, vehicle modifications and conservation programs from those associated with this magazine have done...impressive. They recently put this together and are now taking orders for subscriptions. Thought i'd share..

I have no financial association with this endeavor.
looks interesting, no Landrover but I may have something khaki;)
Considering the fact that you can readily get parts for a Landy just about anywhere in the world makes it a good platform for an Overland rig. Just as long as we dont get into the wiring argument.. :shhh: ;)

Knowing those putting this mag together i'm sure you'll see plenty of Toyota's as well. Theres an Arctic Adventure just kicking off that i look forward to reading about.

I'd bet a group of XJ's doing a trip up North would be cool.

Khaki's make my a$$ look fat....
Good stuff John!! I'm definitely going to check into getting a subscription. I'd have to actually put padding in the khakis to make my a$$ look fat. :laugh3: