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New jeep hotweels


NAXJA Forum User
Just letting everyone know there is a green 1995 xj jeep in the new 2022 hot wheels series. Guess who drives a green 95 cherokee and has a new hot wheels? This guy!
Post pics, I'd like to see what they both look like!
Hm, might have to keep an eye out for one to go with my old matchbox 2-door....
I thought this thread was going to be about the "90210" 88 cherokee... found one at walmart a few months back. It's not a "hot wheels" brand though, didn't realize that when I bought it. Here is a link (mine wasn't 15 bucks though that must be an aftermarket seller.....I think it was about 6 or 7)


I have mine on a shelf in the basement...too lazy to go down and take a pic at the moment LOL
Came across that green Hotwheels at the grocery store just the other day, so went to a couple more places last weekend and found a red one.

Those Greenlight brand XJ's look good but sure are spendy, I know what to tell people to get me for Christmas now :)