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New Guy


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Good evening Everybody, I'm new to the site but not new to jeeps and fourwheeling, I Live in Greenville NC and will be getting an xj in the next few weeks.....then it starts......I'm makin this plan in pencil though, but if everything goes to plan itll be pretty nice. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted! Thanks-
Tyler Griffith
Welcome aboard, when you get your xj post up some pics so we can see what the beginning of the end looks like.
this is the best place to get tech and help with stuff. welcome to the addiction. you will soon feel the need to get another one. and another. i know this bc i had one and now 3 :D
Hey Timmy 2XJ, Where do you work on cherry point, I might have seen your XJ on base. I worked there until this last friday when i got out of the corps. I am almost positive ive seen yours on base, I kind of have this Jeep problem.
I was up at ECU for Halloween the other night. Did you party up there? I drove my DD just in case you saw a red XJ with a NAXJA decal on it.
I see XJ's all over Greenville. I dont recall seeing a red one, however in my defense i might have been enjoying festivities.:cheers:
Nice, did you go to a frat party over there?