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Need You all to take a look....


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Im looking for a different XJ since the guy on the red one backed out at the LAST minute.. so mad..

I see that this has some looks like oil vapor sludge on the valve cover.. is this a sign of anything bad? has 130K and is selling for not too bad of a price.

Let me know! Thanks
my 96 has that same sludge on it. i degreased it and it never came back, so i am guessing nothing is wrong. it runs fine.
The rubber grommet at the back of the valve cover appears to be cracked, that will cause the pcv system to malfunction. Replace it and the one in the front, make sure the rubber isn't in the valve cover, if it is clean it. I believe you get the grommets with all of the plastic and rubber hose from the dealer as one piece.
I tend to see that grime build up on ones that suffer from alot of short distance driving.

Back when I used to drive mine around the city a lot, it would like to build up. Now that I have cleaned it all off, and drive 90-95% highway, for trips no less than an hour at a time, it hasn't really come back.
x2 on the 99 being a great year. the sludge isn't that bad, just clean it all up. gives you a good reason to do a bunch of maintenance on it and learn the true condition of the vehicle. get under the car and check for rust due to your location.