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Need some help from the XJ guys


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Ok so on my WJ my my speed sensors come from off of the the axles just outside of the e-brake. I am going to have to do a conversion to have it read off the t-case like the TJs and XJs do. Can anyone give me any info on how a setup would look or be like on a 242? What kinda gear would I need harness and all the other stuff that I am sure I am missing. Thank you.
I already have done the 242 swap I am needing to find out how to put a speedo gear and tailshaft housing in and what gear I need to run and things like that. I figured that since the XJ's and TJ's come that way that you guys on here would know more about it. Only about a hand full of guys on the Grand boards have done the swap and are kinda hard to get a hold of.
I can vouch for the lack of traffic on NAGC some times. I pretty shure Swamp Boy did a 242 swap on his 5.2 ZJ. I would try PMing him for some better answers than I might be able to give. As far as I know the WJ's use the same speedo setup as all other Jeeps. So if I'm understanding you right your 242 didn't have the tail shaft housing on it. If so you might have to get one from a 4.0 WJ that came with the 242. As far as which gear to use all depends on what tire size your running. I think there is a guide chart over on NAGC.
Kinda. The WJ's get speedo and ABS readings off of the tone rings on the axle shafts. I just finished my ford 9in axle swap both front and rear and I lost the tone rings along with the axles. I am going to have to now get my readings from the transfer case, like all other(everything but WJ) jeeps do. I have swapped in a 242 and am going to have to get the tone ring and sensor and tailshaft housing for a 242 from a TJ or XJ or YJ. I am asking how is it all supposed to go.
Well the 242's in XJ's use a speed sensor on the tailshaft housing that has a gear that interacts with a gear in the T/C. The gear is attatched to a sensor that converts it to electronic pulses that the PCM can read. I would get you a pic but it just started raing here. Being that the WJ uses the ABS tone ring for it's speedo, I have no idea how you'll be able to get it to work. I found a thread a thread over on NAGC that might be of some help to you.
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