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Need Help Please



ok well to start out i have orderd the RE 4.5 inch lift with full springs for my jeep cherokee classic 2000. Well my friend has an old jeep commanche and wants my stock shocks once i put the lift on. Well he insisted on seeing them in his hands before he would shelll out 30 dollars for all of them. well i have been putting lube on all the bolts for a month(two or threee times a week). When i went to take out the rear drives side shock the bolts that mount the shock to the frame both broke inside the frame. So now i am stuck with no shock on my rear drivers side.

i need to know if anyone knows how i could fix this,, also has anyone else had this happen??
First,what are you using when you say "lube"?
Ditch the WD (I dont know about the other),you definately need a "penetrant" like PB Blaster or Liquid wrench.As for the broken bolts you can try to get them out with an "easy out" or come in from the inside to replace the "weld nuts".Someone else said they managed to sneek some nuts in on top of the factory "weld nuts".
Err, Joe --

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