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Need help, Blazer check engine light on


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northeast pa.
Beside having a Cherokee in the family i am cursed with a 01 blazer.
Problem,t-stat went bad,replaced t-stat,all is well except how do i get the service engine soon light code to vanish from the computer.
HELP, anyone else cursed with one of these abomonations here.
Disconnect (+) postive terminal from battery, wait 30 seconds, a real 30 seconds not just what feels like 30 seconds, reconnect battery. Start and stop engine. Restart and check if any code has reset.
Thanks for the reply,i will try that. I hope to sell this thing and add a second Cherokee to the family,or get my wife another van so i can get my Cherokee back.
if the battory trick dont work. most autoparts stoors have the scan tool that can delete the code for free
Thanks guys,disco the battery didn't work,soooo off to AZ i go.
Your only allowed to do so many stupid things in life,i think i used up all of mine when i bought this --thing--.
Well guys the problem has self corrected it self.
Went to my local toy[gun] shop to get a holster for my 1911 and when i came out and restarted it to leave the light came on and then poof it went out and stayed out.
Now to get rid of this thing and get another cherokee,or maybe a grand cherokee.
Thanks for the help,it's good to know that a member here can get help for vehicles other than cherokees. JUST AWSOME.:clap: