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Need a little advice


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i searched, but came up with nothing, i know its not to "Extreme" but i just bought a 3" procomp lift with LCA's and AAL now, i looked but nothing popped up, my question is when i take apart the leaf packs to add in the aal, it says to remove the spring retainers, but nothing about puttiing them back on, so do i attempt to put em back on even with another leaf in there? or do i just stop being a dummy slap it together, torque it down to spec, install axle and go?
Put the stock retainers back on, or fab new ones. they keep the leaves aligned. if you don't have them, the lower leaves in the pack can "fan" or "walk out" to the sides.
BDS makes retainers as well for I think like 10 bucks. An off road shop should have them. The reason why I like new ones is because the old ones can fall apart from rust and all that junk, and are kinda hard to take off, the new ones are easy.
hey thanks, il see if 4wp has em i leave in an hour to go get the rest of my crap from them then install, i dont have anything going on today till 9:45 tonight so il get it on easily i hope
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