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Moab Fall Fling T-shirts, I still have some.


NAXJA Forum User
Costa Mesa, CA
Correct me if I'm wrong but these were some folks who could not make it but reserved shirts. To those below we can work out mailing costs if you still want them let me know, Thanks.

LBC970, 1 - XLarge

FearNoFish, 1-Large, 1-XLarge, 1-2XLarge

Exxon Valdez Jeep, 1-Large

Israel, 2-XLarge

I will be looking at exactly what sizes I have left over and will list them as soon as I can. Post up what sizes you'd like from any extras I have and I will take them in order. I should have Med-4X but will post up shortly, Thanks.
How much? may take one large.