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Moab 2002 DVD Video Sample now online......

Glenn B

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Of course, the quality is not nearly as good as what YELLAHJEEP has put on the DVD set, but it gives you an idea of what you are in store for.

Note: the smaller file should straem in Real Player on most Broadband connections. the rate is 350k and file size is ~ 3.2MB

For the better quality sample, you will have to download the entire file before playing it. It is 15.4MB or so.


Enjoy.... from what I have seen, this look like a keeper DVD set for sure.

Thanks a bunch Glenn!!!

We can't thank you enough, Glenn, for volunteering your time and efforts on getting the sample video up for our NAXJA friends to view! We may have learned a thing or two about video editing in the recent months, but web stuff is way above our heads . :rolleyes: Fantastic job sir! :D
Very sweet video. How can I get the DVD? Lemme know
I love the skinny pedal! The skinny pedal is my friend. :)

Great Job Troy and Shari.

First time in Moab I can remember Doc going up rock chucker. I couldn't believe that anyone would even try something so insane, let alone ever make it up the ledges.

Goes to show how our perspectives (and rigs) change through the years.

Thanks to the YellaHeep duo:yelclap:. Can't wait to get my copy!

Bones :skull1:
Movin' this back up.
Bones said:
First time in Moab I can remember Doc going up rock chucker. I couldn't believe that anyone would even try something so insane, let alone ever make it up the ledges.
Bones :skull1:

And as I recall, you were saddened by the loss of your shiny chrome receiver hitch trim as you buried your bumper in the sand on Widowmaker:( ......and look what you've put your Jeep through since then!

I was pretty proud of Chewy for nailing RockChucker on his first time out to Moab last fall.

The DVD looks great, Troy and Shari have done a great job on this.....my order's going in now.
Pasted from another thread:

The '02 Moab Fall Fling DVD set is available!!!!
Here's what you get and how to order:

2 DVD's - Volume 1 Moab Fall Fling
Volume 2 Hell's Revenge group run

Volume 1 is comprised of approximately 117 minutes of highlight footage of Steel Bender, Metal Masher, Cliff Hanger and the Poison Spider/Golden Spike trail runs.

Volume 2 is comprised of approximately 92 minutes of highlight footage of the group run on Hell's Revenge trail. The footage is of the group as they traverse the obstacles: Hell's Gate, Mickey's Hot Tub, The Escalator and Tip-Over Challenge.

Most of the participants on these trails are identified in the footage with their names, screen names, city and state when they appear on the obstacle. You may see someone you recognize!

Club members BJ "Beezil" McDonald and Robert "BLoose" Loose contributed some spectacular photos of the Moab landscape that we integrated into the DVD as well.

The DVD's come in the Deluxe jewel case with custom designed inserts. The discs have custom designed labels as well.

The DVD's have been mastered in DVD-R format which we understand is a format that will be compatable with most of the DVD players on the market today. Unfortunately, there may be a few of you that may discover that you have one of those unusual players that will not play this format. Please research your player's compatability before placing your order.

For those of you that simply do not have access to a DVD player, we have the ability to dub the DVD into a VHS format. Please contact us directly and we will work out the details on a case-by-case basis. The price of the videos will be the same as the DVD set.

The 2 Volume set is $18.00 and is shipped via Priority Mail . (Within the continental U.S.)

We are set up to accept PayPal, but we cannot process credit card orders.
Make your payment to: [email protected]
****Before you submit your payment, be sure to include your full name, shipping address and an e-mail address in the comments box.**** (All of this is necessary for us to ship your order.)
If you do not wish to use PayPal, then e-mail us directly at [email protected] with the above information, and we will send you our address to send the check or money order to.

Your order will not be shipped until payment is received. Shipping may not begin until after Sept. 5th (this is when the DVD copier should have our order ready.)

Please note:
We are not "vendors" and this project is not sponsored by NAXJA . We are doing this project as a not-for-profit endeavor. The total price of the DVD set simply covers our expense to offer this to our NAXJA friends.

UPDATE: Video sample now available. NOTE: The quality of the sample is not nearly as good as what is on the DVD set. Files had to be severely reduced in order to maintain a manageable file size for these samples.
Beezil said:
I'm just looking out for naxja's "lazy".......

the quality and what went into that vid is worth over-emphasizing!

Indeed! I had an oppurtunity to play with that small file for a demo..... Am impressed. Will be buying for sure. The easier the info is to grab to order... the better. :)

Just like the Give Away XJ.... gotta get the word out..... gotta get people fired up. It is FOR the club, we gotta get going.
Glenn :D