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MidWest Chapter?


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Anyone interested in starting a MidWest chapter?
Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennesse??
These states seem to be without a chapter and stuck in the middle of the others.
I know there is a bunch of folks from these areas... so any thoughts on this?
its time to put your bad-attitude protection on, cause here I come!!!

jeeze guys, you need to give this up.

"we" (midwest) posted this not too long ago. Sounded like a bunch of people were interested....

I suugested that someone contact the forum fixer, and ask that a planning board be set up. The forum fixer has been most kind in doing this in the past.......



everyone wants to talk about having a chapter, yet no one wants to WORK to form one.

everyone wants to sit and wait for everything to get set up FOR them.......


at this rate, the odds of a REAL midwest chapter getting set up are nil.

maybe someone out there will prove me wrong. Regardless, the national naxja board does fine by me. The folks I enjoy wheeling with live all over the country, I *still* can't see the point of a chapter......

no need to scold me for my attitude, i am comfortable being ignored.

sincerely speaking, I wish those with a SERIOUS desire to set up a forum the best of luck.
ya mean texas won't include you?


I think if the gang gets a chapter going they should consider a rule that no members can have a "twang".

this may or may not affect you.
hey Beez... new here.. and haven't heard anything about this. it just seems that every where else is covered and that midWest could use something.
Hell.. if I can get some direction.. i start the damn thing up. I have a few good connections.
If this is a dead subject... sorry to bring it back.

Hey Beezil I wouldn't Piss on texas to put a fire out (GO SOONERS) I don't like texas and never will. Only two things in texas Steers and Queers.
if you are thinking one ton is your "connection" forget it. He couldn't piss a hole through a snowball let alone help you get a chapter started.
Beezil said:
if you are thinking one ton is your "connection" forget it. He couldn't piss a hole through a snowball let alone help you get a chapter started.

OUCH... now pissing a hole in a snowball could be kinda hard there Beez..lol

Alright.. i can take a hint. :rolleyes:
No really... is this a bad idea... How many people would... like this?
Anyone willing to help me out?
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Beezilbub speaks the truth but chapters is one of his biggest petpeves. Beezil is the anti-chapter, so don't let him discurage you from trying to drum up interest. One of these years it will happen and when it does make sure the bylaws state the Beezil cannot become a member.

BTW the Texas Chapter as been disbanded.
Scott Mac. said:
make sure the bylaws state the Beezil cannot become a member.

Well... I guess the mob has spoken.. but i'm sure we can vote on this..lol.

is there any interest in starting this chapter?
I'm all for a new chapter. Was thinking about trying out "The Great Lakes" chapter to include western PA. western NY, Ontario, OH,MI,IN,IL,WI, and MN. A larger area but the more the better. Put my in on the planning a Midwest Chapter. Will be easier for me now that I work locally now. Let me know what I can do to get it started.
if they let you in, then the arkansas people would start bitching, and theres not enough bark to go around being indiana is already included.
I'm kinda new here and was wondering myself why there wasn't anything for us midwesterners. What really needs to be done to start a chapter? If there is a way I can help I'd be all for it.
I'm all for it, but I would not have much time to help, for the next couple months anyway.