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Memorial Day


NAXJA Member #1042
Yelm, Washington
I believe Memorial Day is next month.

I always have Mondays off, but do go to school Monday nights. Given it is Memorial day, I will not have school.

Who is up for a NAXJA run. I am up to anywhere somewhat close. Talked to Brian on Tuesday. He wants to go out and play.

What do you say.

Hans? Michael? Joe?

Tehuya? Evans Creek? Something that the stock rigs can play with.


Monday, bad for traffic to get back from anywhere :laugh3: I`m going to be doing my share to add to the mess by coming back from Liberty with dirty XJ in tow and doing my share of keeping the gas company`s from going broke :mad: ,my motor home loves that premium stuff :)
I would love to meet up with you guys again before NW fest, but it is really looking unlikely. The jeep runs fine but I just have not had time to do much other than work on the house. The jeep is in working order but it needs to be registered which requires emission testing which I need to see if it will pass. However I suspect I need to install the new exhaust manifold before it passes. Hopefully I can get it all done soon, but the list of projects is very long!!

Talk to you all soon,
Michael, Brian just installed the Banks header. As far as I know, expensive. But that thing does sound good.
red91inWA said:
I'll be placing flowers on my dads spot. Air Force, Korea...Nuff said.

Hoo-ah. I'll be visiting Grandpa at Tahoma National. 16 years old snuck into the Navy during WWII. Boy was Great-Grandpa HOT when he came back. ;) Served in Pacific Theater sinkin' Japanese. :laugh3:

Hey Jason, isn't Elbe down that way? Has Brian ever done the trails there? I might be up for a Monday trip (30th) if we think we can beat feet at a decent hour (traffic).
Yea back in March(?) we had a group of 13 xjs go to Reiter.