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Master-Pull KOH T shirts


We make rope cool
Bellingham, Wa
So you didn't make it to KOH this year but wish you did? Well now you can buy a Master-Pull Recovery Crew T-Shirt and all your friends will think you went!

The shirts say Master-Pull on the front left corner and have the Griffin 2010 KOH logo on the bottom front.

This is the back:


$15 shipped in the USA!

Still have a bunch of these, apparently a ton of people were wearing them at W.E. Rock Oroville!

Got any medium?
We have some mediums left.

PM's returned, we still have some of these left!

Yup we have some, you can call in monday and ask for a KOH t shirt in the XL flavor and we will get it taken care of!

Sweet, after tomorrow these will all be gone!

We are taking them to a show and I don't anticipate bringing any home with us.